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Neighborhood Alley Clean-up Day

DANA visibility at  local events

Our Vision

D.A.N.A. members work to preserve and enhance our downtown neighborhoods and provide a grass root forum to advocate for the concerns and ideas of our downtown residents


Neighborhood Watch

Walk the Neighborhood Event

DANA Mascot

FAQ — Frequently asked Questions

Who can be a member of DANA?

Anyone who lives, works, or does business in downtown Riverside may become a member of DANA. Membership dues are annual and are currently set at $20 / household Dues are from September to August 

What are the boundaries of the Downtown Neighborhood?

For the purposes of DANA membership, downtown Riverside is defined as the area bounded by the 60 freeway to the north, the Tequesquite arroyo to the south, the 91 freeway between the 60-215-91 interchange and the Tequesquite arroyo to the east, and the Santa Ana River to the west.  

Map to the Downtown Area. 

When and where does DANA meet?

DANA meets on the third Monday of every month, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. The group is dark in July and  August.  In August we participate with the City-wide National Night Out Event. 

Though DANA meetings have been held at different venues, at present we meet at the

Isaak Walton Clubhouse in Fairmount Park,

across from the golf course.


Are DANA meetings open to the public?

DANA’s meetings are open to the public, though only members may vote on motions, resolutions, or during annual election for officers. New members are always welcome.


Why a duck ?

Early in the formation of DANA, one of our founding members rescued a duckling from Fairmount Park.  She had an injured wing, but was soon nursed back to health.  She was adopted by DANA as a reminder to take action in your neighborhood when necessary. 


DANA 2020/21 Executive Committee

Vincent Erviti, Chair

Nanci Larsen, Chair Elect

Chani Beeman, Past Chair

Robin Jo Rios, Secretary

Jean Eiselein, Treasurer

Donna Stephenson, Board Member at Large

Jennifer Gamble, Board Member at Large

DANA Ambassadors

Tom Donahue, Development and City Affairs

Donna Stephenson, Riverside Downtown Partnership

Ben Ontko, Bryant Elementary School

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