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UPDATE:  10.03.17  

City Council Agenda Item #19   is an agreement with Regional Properties (Mark Rubin) for an ENA to develop a project for this property.  The term of this ENA will be twelve (12) months with two (2) six (6) month options to extend with the authority of the City Manager


A two-story parking garage in downtown Riverside that includes office space could be razed to make way for a much taller office building with up to six levels of underground parking.

The garage on Market Street between University and Mission Inn avenues includes 297 parking spaces and 10,555 square feet of office space. 

“The objective is to develop the site in a more intensive way, given that University Avenue and Mission Inn Avenue are two of the most important streets downtown going in those directions,” City Manager John Russo said.

What might replace the parking garage is unknown, but the city is proposing a condition that would require the buyer to replace the existing parking as well as add whatever number of spaces are required to serve the office portion.


City of Riverside

Main Street between
1st & 3rd Streets

Scope:  Pocket neighborhood

"The Commons @ First & Main"

UPDATE: 6.18.19

Integrity Housing Inc. of Irvine was awarded the project and presented DANA their plan for the site at our June 2019 membership meeting. Two buildings of rental units with a pedestrian bridge connecting them over 2nd St. and re-use of the Texaco Station into a cafe. They are in the initial stages of planning and community engagement with a completion date marked for next year.


UPDATE:  3.22.18

Development Committee AGENDA

Developer: Pacific American


UPDATE:  3.02.18

City Staff is bringing a new mixed use development project to the Development Committee on March 22 for this site location

more information to follow


UPDATE:  2.08.18

This bidder that the RFP was awarded to has since withdrawn from consideration to develop this site (Dos Lagos Assets LLC).  City Planning staff are currently negotiating with Pacific American Development for this location.  It should be coming to the Development Department in late March 2018 with their proposed concept:  a mixed-use restaurant at the historic gas station  & market rate apartments.

City Planner:  

Kaitlyn Nguyen


4019 Mission Inn Avenue
(Mission Inn & Chestnut Street)

Scope:  Pocket Neighborhood


UPDATE:  6.20.18  

Cultural Heritage Board

The project is being reviewed as part of the 7th Street Historical District



CityMark requested the Council reduce the purchase price by an amount up to $75,000 to recover costs due to environment clean up.

City Council voted this down and gave CityMark to the end of February 2018 to respond back to the City with their intention to continue with this development project


UPDATE  10.10.17  CityMark construction proposal for the Planning Commission is open for public comment until October 24, 2017


Tuesday 1.10.17

City Council will be voting to award the development of this site to CITYMARK


PE ARTICLE  1.01.17

This RFP was responded to by (3) developers. Property is owned by the Successor Agency of the City of Riverside

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