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Convention Center Expansion
Downtown Development Project
Convention Center Expansion
Update: 1/18/2021  -  Size adnd scope of project has changed due to Covid-19.  

UPDATE: 9.17.19

Exclusive Negotiation  Agreements (ENA)

Proposals Due Date: January 28, 2019


Main LIbrary Groundbreaking.jpg

Update: 1/18/2021  Construction will be complete by end of January. Covid-19 has delayed grand opening plans. 

The Request for Proposal (RFP 1851) for a
renovation architect issued on  
August 30, 2018

resulted in
seventeen (17) submittals
(go to bid opportunities then search "museum" - bid results
Formalization of an agreement with the
selected architect will not occur before 2019
On February 20, 2018, the City Council will vote to approve funding to contract / hire a debt finance team to secure financing for the construction of the new MAIN LIBRARY
On October 3, 2017, the City Council approved the three-story design of the New Main Library Project and amended the Measure Z five-year plan, by allocating $9,692,600 from the Police Headquarters project to the Downtown Main Library Project for a total estimated project cost of $39,692,600 for the New Main Library
Mulberry Village v3.jpg

UPDATE: 1/18/2021 - Houses have finished construction offsite and will be placed on Mulberry property as soon as a couple planning corrections are made by habitat.

Housing First   -  "Tiny Home Village" 

 2825 Mulberry Street (MAP)

Leadership Riverside 2019 - Class Project 

UPDATE:  1.14.2020

City Council Item #8 (afternoon session)

General Plan amendment, rezoning, and design review

UPDATE:  12.12.19

Planning Commission

Entitlements to develop ten detached affordable dwelling units

UPDATE:  3.05.19

City Council 

Tiny Home regulations


UPDATE:  2.19.19

City Council 

Tiny Home regulations

UPDATE:  11.29.18

Development  Committee 

Development agreement with Habitat for Humanity & Riverside Housing Development Corporation (RHDC)

UPDATE:  8.14.18

City Council Agenda Item #29

Grant application for $715,000 for the project


DANA members voted to support the concept of this proposed urban cottage village as it was presented      to us on Monday June 18. 


We also committed to assist Habitat for Humanity Riverside in it's construction



On May 16, 2017, the City Council approved the new Main Library as a Measure Z funding priority with a resolution for reimbursement of costs for the design of the Main Library project; and a professional consultant services agreement for architectural and engineering design services.
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